How we sell your business

We  meet with you  to find out what you are seeking in terms of selling price and timeframes.

We collect your financial details and trading figures.  We may also liaise with your accountant and/or your financial advisors.

We compare your trading figures with comparable businesses that have sold recently to determine if the price you want is  realistic and achievable to the market.

We  prepare a marketing strategy and budget  formulated to reach your potential market in the shortest possible time at the best possible price.

We confirm our appointment as your Business Sales Agent  in writing for an agreed term, according to the legislation in force under the Land & Business Sales Act.

We prepare a comprehensive Business Information Memorandum that will include full colour digital photos and all the relevant trading and business information that a buyer will need to know.  This becomes your "silent sales person" which helps to sell your business even when we are not there - it is a key to our success in business sales.

We liaise with all potential buyers and  qualify those who are serious and have the means to buy your business.

We constantly  keep in touch with you to let you know what is happening and the level of market interest expressed in your business.

We  liaise with potential buyers' financial advisors to explain the business, its trading statements and profit potential.

We  negotiate with potential buyers to achieve the best possible offer and settlement terms for your business.

We  present reasonable offers  to you for evaluation.

Once you accept a particular offer, we then follow through your settlement to ensure all special conditions are met.

We introduce potential buyers to professional financiers, banking and other institutions, with whom we have developed important relationships of mutual trust.