What We Do

We sell businesses

We are a team of Business Sales Professionals who focus exclusively on business sales. We evaluate your business, determine the best possible price current market conditions will allow, and prepare a unique Business Profile for your business which comprehensively explains the benefits of purchase for buyers and their financial advisors. Then we find a buyer.

We help you to maximise your selling price in the future.
Net profit is the bottom line. Buyers want to buy a business that they believe will return them a good profit for their outlay. What makes one business more profitable than another?

To be consistently successful at selling businesses requires much more than simply putting up a "For Sale" sign. You need to know what the benchmarks are for a particular type of business. You need to understand financial statements and be able to identify areas where too much or too little is being spent. You need to know why one business attracts more customers than their competitors.

When you understand what makes a business successful, you can recognise what needs to be done to maximise profits for other businesses in similar industries. A Business Owner deals on a daily basis with their own business. Dale Wood Business Sales Consultancy deal on a daily basis with many businesses. We can provide the objectivity and experience to ensure your profits, and ultimately your return on outlay when you do sell, are maximised.

We help you to find the business you want to buy.
The Dale Wood Business Register allows interested business buyers to register their desired business requirements with us. Our comprehensive database matches those requirements against our current business listings and known businesses.