Between ("The AGENT) of one part:

    Dale Wood Business Sales (ABN:71 620 042 033)
    of 39 Charles Street, Norwood SA 5067
    Phone 08 8334 0600

    and "THE RECIPIENT" of the other part:

    Enter your details below (*designates required information):

    For the purpose of evaluating the business and affairs of:
    (hereinafter referred to as "THE BUSINESS")

    In the State of South Australia, relevant information and financial details relating to a certain business or businesses belonging to a third party or parties (“THE OWNER”). In recognition of the proprietary nature of that information and those details, “THE RECIPIENT” HEREBY AGREES:

    1. That everything which “THE AGENT” and/or the “THE OWNER” discloses, regardless of the form of disclosure, and which is properly capable of being regarded as proprietary information of “THE AGENT” and/or the “THE OWNER”, will be treated in confidence by “THE RECIPIENT”, its partners and/or its employees, and other associated or proprietary
    companies, and will not be used by “THE RECIPIENT”, its partners and/or its employees for any purpose other than:
    i. Conducting an evaluation and determining “THE RECIPIENT’S” interest in entering into an agreement exclusively through “THE AGENT” to purchase the whole or portion of the said business or businesses; and
    ii. Such purposes as may be contained in any formal agreement that may be entered into between “THE RECIPIENT” and “THE OWNER”.

    2. That disclosures of all such information and details shall be limited to only those professional advisers, partners or employees of “THE RECIPIENT” which are reasonably required to be in possession of said information and details; and

    3. To immediately return to “THE AGENT” all such information and other details in written form, including any drawings and any copies made of written information and drawings or notes, summaries or extracts thereof if and when requested by “THE AGENT”.

    4. “THE RECIPIENT” will respect that all negotiations will be with “THE AGENT” directly

    Under no circumstances shall “THE RECIPIENT” make any contact with “THE OWNER”, owner’s staff and/or any other
    person associated with the business without prior consultation and agreement with “THE AGENT”.

    EXECUTED unconditionally as an Agreement.

    If you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, check the box below. You must fill in a valid name, address
    and phone number, and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement to continue.

    TERMS * I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement

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